October 1st 2017

Hellooo! Here I am again, probably to say that I’m going to start posting more often but then I disappear for approx. 500 years. 

I updated my blog design a bit, you’d think that considering I was a virtual design major in high school I would be able to make it look better but I’m just tooooooooo lazy. One day. One day. 

I’m currently in L.A and I’ve been here for a week. Hopefully I’ll be staying here, I’m pretty much just trying to get a feel for it right now. I’m staying in Venice and so far I like the area, but I’m going to try to explore the other parts of the city too before I decide on where I want to live. 


Eyes from a couple days ago using:

⭐️glossier Light Stretch Concealer, 

⭐️elf cosmetics Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight,

⭐️nyx cosmetics Brunette Brow Mascara, 

⭐️tarte cosmetics Gifted Mascara, 

⭐️martha stewart silver crafts glitter stars,

⭐️starcrushed minerals glitter glue


May favorites

This post is a bit late because at first I had decided to skip posting last months favorites. I felt kinda unimpressed by everything but it crept up on me yesterday that I actually had some products that I really appreciated last month. So heeeeere they are, late and in the worst quality photo ever to symbolize myself and my own current state due to food poisoning. Pray 4 us.


  • Starting from the standard left is the Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I’m pretty sure one would call this “the original” since it doesn’t have any added scents and such. I bought it after I developed a minor obsession over the chic and effortless youtube videos by Violette_fr. Upon first receiving it in the mail I realized that “what the heck, it’s just scented vaseline” and felt a bit hoodwinked but I’ve ended up reaching for it A LOT when I’ve wanted to add some dewiness to my makeup.
  • Next is the new Matcha Toner from Milk Makeup. Boooooy was I excited for this one! I’ve always been half-assed when it comes to toner. It feels like a pretty important step but it’s also waaaaaay too ambitious for my own capacity to soak a dang cotton ball twice a day. I may enjoy doing a 500-step skincare routine but having to soak a piece of cotton is where I draw the LINE. The gods of selective laziness have finally responded to my whining by creating a toner in SOLID STICK FORM and I’m just so content.
  • I’ve been wanting to try an essence ever since I discovered the Korean 10-step concept, but since many of their products are newish to the US market some of them don’t have clear statements on animal testing yet which has made me hold off for a bit. I found the Lumene Valo Glow Boost essence at Ulta and was pretty thrilled since Lumene is cruelty free & and has good ingredients to an affordable price. Plus, it’s scandinavian like yours truly. So far I’m loving it, the scent is soooooo nice and I’m looking into getting more products from the line soon!
  • I mentioned a couple posts back that I had bought a new night cream, and I am happy to announce that we’re hitting it off. It’s the Hydrating one from Derma E, a brand that I have become very fond of. The products I’ve tried this far feel so luxurious and pleasant and I LOVE the fact that they are natural and eco-concious.
  • Lastly I have the only actual makeup product and it’s another one from Milk. I’m a bit of a multi-purpose product fanatic so I thought I would stick to using plain clear lip gloss for my glossy eye looks, but I’m sooo happy I invested in a product that is actually MEANT for the eye area. The staying power is really good, I don’t have to worry about it melting away and getting into my eyes and blinding me because that would be really unfortunate. It’s also surprisingly comfortable, I have very hoody eyelids but it doesn’t get all sticky and creasy! As much as I want to get every other color I also gotta chillllllllllllllllllll for a bit girl. Here’s a creepy close-up of my eyeballs to show you what I mean:

(FYI THE BROWS LOOK SO MUCH MORE FUZZY & INTENSE THAN THEY REALLY ARE) Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you’ve tried any of these aswell!


May 17th 2017

Hello! Trying to not get emotionally defeated by instagram’s algorithms this week. I went from getting over 1000 likes on one picture to not even 100 on another which is the lowest engagement I’ve had in at least 6 months and it’s not like I posted a picture of a blurry potato in the dark. Quit playing games with my heart, instagram (not to sound greedy or entitled, those of you who are more frequent users of that platform know what I’m talking about. It’s tricky).