May favorites

This post is a bit late because at first I had decided to skip posting last months favorites. I felt kinda unimpressed by everything but it crept up on me yesterday that I actually had some products that I really appreciated last month. So heeeeere they are, late and in the worst quality photo ever to symbolize myself and my own current state due to food poisoning. Pray 4 us.


  • Starting from the standard left is the Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I’m pretty sure one would call this “the original” since it doesn’t have any added scents and such. I bought it after I developed a minor obsession over the chic and effortless youtube videos by Violette_fr. Upon first receiving it in the mail I realized that “what the heck, it’s just scented vaseline” and felt a bit hoodwinked but I’ve ended up reaching for it A LOT when I’ve wanted to add some dewiness to my makeup.
  • Next is the new Matcha Toner from Milk Makeup. Boooooy was I excited for this one! I’ve always been half-assed when it comes to toner. It feels like a pretty important step but it’s also waaaaaay too ambitious for my own capacity to soak a dang cotton ball twice a day. I may enjoy doing a 500-step skincare routine but having to soak a piece of cotton is where I draw the LINE. The gods of selective laziness have finally responded to my whining by creating a toner in SOLID STICK FORM and I’m just so content.
  • I’ve been wanting to try an essence ever since I discovered the Korean 10-step concept, but since many of their products are newish to the US market some of them don’t have clear statements on animal testing yet which has made me hold off for a bit. I found the Lumene Valo Glow Boost essence at Ulta and was pretty thrilled since Lumene is cruelty free & and has good ingredients to an affordable price. Plus, it’s scandinavian like yours truly. So far I’m loving it, the scent is soooooo nice and I’m looking into getting more products from the line soon!
  • I mentioned a couple posts back that I had bought a new night cream, and I am happy to announce that we’re hitting it off. It’s the Hydrating one from Derma E, a brand that I have become very fond of. The products I’ve tried this far feel so luxurious and pleasant and I LOVE the fact that they are natural and eco-concious.
  • Lastly I have the only actual makeup product and it’s another one from Milk. I’m a bit of a multi-purpose product fanatic so I thought I would stick to using plain clear lip gloss for my glossy eye looks, but I’m sooo happy I invested in a product that is actually MEANT for the eye area. The staying power is really good, I don’t have to worry about it melting away and getting into my eyes and blinding me because that would be really unfortunate. It’s also surprisingly comfortable, I have very hoody eyelids but it doesn’t get all sticky and creasy! As much as I want to get every other color I also gotta chillllllllllllllllllll for a bit girl. Here’s a creepy close-up of my eyeballs to show you what I mean:

(FYI THE BROWS LOOK SO MUCH MORE FUZZY & INTENSE THAN THEY REALLY ARE) Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you’ve tried any of these aswell!



Elf Nourishing Night Cream

Oh hey! I feel it to be VERY IMPORTANT that I start by pointing out that I did NOT paint my nails to match this jar on purpose. Subconsciously – perhaps, Idunno. 

I just finished this guy last night so Imma throw up a quick review. It retails for $12 but I got it at Ulta so odds are I recieved some kind of discount. Anyhow, the price is fair. I’ve never had any issues with Elf products and I think that they’re definately worth giving a shot since many of them end up performing highly but for a low price. PLUS it’s cruelty free & vegan which many drugstore brands aren’t (it’s pretty bizarre that in this day & age one still has to watch out for animal tested cosmetics😒). 

Some of the key ingredients are shea butter, jojoba, vitamin E & aloe. As per usual, I had no problems. It did what it was supposed to; hydrate my skin. It’s light weight and easily absorbed. I do however feel that I went through it pretty quick which is why I’ve purchased a different night cream to try next (it arrived today, how perfect is dat?). I can definately see myself going back to this if the new one doesn’t impress, but I wanted to try it out because it has hyaluronic acid(don’t ask me to pronounce that tho) and I don’t think I’ve tried that before. 

So overall; good buy, especially if you’re on a budget. Plus the packaging is simple & elegant. 10/10 tents. Au revoir

april favorites

I usually don’t aknowledge months changing in the year up until May, because when May comes around it’s basically kinda almost summer. Which whips me back into reality a bit. So here I am today, whipped and ready to share with you the things that I appreciated the existence of in the month of April. 

Björn Axén argan oil: I had been “saving” this until I’d used up the other hair oils I have but I decided to just say screw it and start using it anyway. It smells AMAZING. I would like to describe it as “classy” but I worry that other people might consider it more as “manly”. I honestly don’t know if I like these classy-manly scents because I want to smell like them or because I would like to sniff on somebody else who smells like them. If you’re a psychologist, please feel free to evaluate me on this. Anyway, I have the same scented hair conditioner but I’m almost out of it and it isn’t sold in the US so I would actually have to go to Sweden to buy it again. The oil will probably last me for a long time which is why it gets to be the honorable fave. 

Nyx brunette brow mascara: I’ve been really into more natural looking eyebrows lately, especially for full-face makeup. This gel gives a pretty good hold and a bit of tint while legit looking like I’m not wearing product on my brows. PLUS, it’s cheap. 

Josie Maran whipped argan oil intensive hand cream in Vanilla Apricot: Again with the argan oil. When I left San Francisco I apparently managed to gradually get rid of all of my 4 hand creams (minimalism done wrong, a novel by me). Upon realizing it, I decided that “it’s fine, I don’t need handcream ANYWAY” but oh, I do. I really do. So I sat my stubborn ass down and ordered this one when Josie Maran was having a 22% discount in honor of Earth Day. The tube is bigger than I expected(even though product amount is always displayed online I never fail to be surprised when I finally see things in real life) and it smells really pleasant. Monthly fave and monthly SAVE for my poor paws. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in Gigabryte: I only got it last week but I’ve been wanting to get a yellow nail polish for a while. This is my third color from this line and I like them because they are noticably less chip-prone than other polishes I’ve tried (serious pet peeve, I’d rather be without polish alltogether than have it CHIPPED). It made the list because I’m semi-obsessed with yellow and also it was $6 instead of the regular $9 at Walgreens. 

Glossier stretch concealer in Light:  another thing I’ve been striving towards lately is a more natural looking complexion even when wearing makeup. I’m not really a fan of heavy face coverage to start, but right now my skin is in one of it’s rebellious fazes (probably the worst one yet in the history of my face) which requires some effort. THIS CONCEALER THOUGH. It seriously looks like nothing IN A GOOD WAY. It’s great for diminishing redness on breakouts etc without looking like you’re desperately trying to conceal them. I blend it with my fingers because I’m a descendant of cavemen and it really looks like I’m not wearing concealer while still bettering the visibility of the spots.  

THAT’S ALL. Thanks for reading, xx 

Sephora Rewards: AMIKA

REWRITING THIS WHOLE POST because when I published it I got a message first saying that there was an error publishing and then a confirmation that “the post has been published”. Hint hint, wordpress, I’m not emotionally stable enough for this:))))

Anyway! I’ve been opting out of free samples for a while unless it’s something that I know I want to try/will use. During my last move I had to get rid of what felt like more stuff than ever before and a high quantity of it was free samples, gifts with purchase, purchases made for the sake of the gift, and so on and so forth. Even though FREE catches the attention of many, it’s pretty wasteful if it never gets used.

So when I placed a recent order at Sephora(more details on that later) I noticed that I had some rewards points saved up and decided to go for the Amika set!


4/5 of these products I have tried before and I have enjoyed all of them. I usually bring mini versions like this on travels and I think it’s nice to have something I know I like rather than digging my hand into a box of various samples and bringing a wild card with me on my trip, hoping for us to get along.


I have a full size of the Blowout spray (which I thought was a heat protectant???? that’s what I’ve been using it as??? I’ve had it for months why haven’t I read the bottle???? It says on it and on their site that it can be used on dry hair to re-style but it doesn’t specify heat protectant). I haven’t been heat styling my hair all that much lately but when I have, I’ve been using this to prep(weather I’m supposed to or not apparently lol).


I’ve gone through a can of the Dry Shampoo and it did what it should! No major complaints really. I’ve been trying to abstain from using spray versions for a while and use powder instead but I must admit that sprays are quicker, better and less messy. We’ll see how long I manage to be stubborn for.

I also have a full size of the Dry Conditioner. And lemme tell you, it changed my world. Sure, I’ve tried products before that are meant to tame and smooth your hair but this is the first one that has actually worked without making it feel like I have a shit-ton of product in my tresses! Having bleached hair it can get kinda dry but this spray makes it look and feel soft and clean.img_8728

The Hair Mask is an old friend aswell. I used to be a total hair mask junkie but lately I’ve started oiling my hair before I wash it and I feel that adding an in-shower hair mask to that would be a bit unnecessary. However it’s nice to have an emergency pack in hand for weeks when I won’t be able to go through the oil process.

The hair spray is the only product I’ve yet to try! I don’t use hairspray that often(probably thanks to overdosing on it as a teen, I’m pretty sure that when my body decays my lungs will stay intact thanks to an internal protective coating of hairspray). But I have yet again made the ever recurring mistake of cutting bangs, so on days when I’m living on the edge and heading out into the world without bringing bobby pins it will be nice to have this lil lifesaver in my bag.

Scent-wise, thay all have the same vanilla-esc smell(if you’ve ever tried Eva Nyc products they basically smell the same imo). However it can be a bit overwhelming so I would recommend spraying the aerosols outside or at least not in a cramped & closed bathroom.

Kind regards, Cassandra “embalmed lungs” Johansson

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer

I bought this moisturizer randomly when I was visiting my dad in TX a few months ago. I had managed to forget my daytime moisturizer in SF, so I picked this up at the grocery store. I’d never tried this brand before because I’m generally not interested in drugstore makeup nowadays, but I didn’t want to splurge since I had a couple ones back home already. It caught my attention for claiming to be 100% natural & 80% organic. The spf is only 15 but I usually wear more products in my regime with higher spf anyway. 

It’s a pretty light & runny moisturizer but I honestly like that for daytime use since I want it to go on easily before I apply makeup. It could have been a tad less runny though but it worked fine. No visible problems weather I wore alone or under makeup. I had the shade Light to Natural and it worked perfectly. 

MAJOR DOWNSIDE in my opinion though is the scent. It has a terribly strong lavender smell, and while lavender is supposed to be calming it’s not so much when you have it intensely all over your face 😦 I ended up using all of it anyway just because I liked the performance but now that it’s done with I can safely say that I would never buy it again unless they remove the smell. According to dermatologists it’s not good to have strong smells on you face so I usually go by that rule, but even if I didn’t know that I would still not repurchase since the smell is really THAT unbearable. 


Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation

Feels like it’s been ages since I finished a foundation! I now have 3 foundations & 2 foundation-esque products that are hybrids of foundation, moisturizer & primer. Not sure yet what my goal for foundation should be but I’m thinking maybe 1 hybrid & 2 foundations (one thicker full coverage and one lighter). I’m not going to throw away any until I’ve used them up but at least I’m set on not buying any new foundations for a good while! Intro over, time to review:

This is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation. I ordered it off QVC last year and it came with a double ended brush. The brush’s bristles were in my opinion too hard, also I had some falling out just after a couple uses. I’ll probably give it away because I haven’t touched it in months anyway. 

So to the foundation itself, it comes in a glass container with this dropper applictor. 

The formula of the foundation is really easy to work with and the coverage was nice! I used it alot over the summer both during the day and for nighttime/parties. It was buildable enough that I even skipped concealer sometimes. The applicator was pretty tricky to control, you couldn’t see how much product was in the dropper thingy plus the formula was really runny. It also got kinda messy. I don’t know if that’s the reason but I went through this foundation alot quicker than I usually go through them. 

I love all of tarte’s foundation formulas that I’ve tried this far and have repurchased one in the past. As much as I wanted to love this one I won’t repurchase it unless they were to change the packaging. I get the idea and know that other brands have similar ones but I think that this one wasted too much product and especially for a $39 foundation I’m not too keen on waste. Peace

EOS shave cream

Today’s post is going to be my first beauty review here! I intend to throw some up now and then. What you can expect from them is my honest opinion & also weather or not I will be repurchasing it especially now that I’m set on being a more mindful and downsized consumer 😊 hope you enjoy!

So this is the Eos shave cream, you might be familiar with the brand’s super popular round little lip balms. 

It costs $3.99 at Ulta so it’s basically the same price as the lip balm. What first attracted me to the brand was that it’s marketed as “natural” but judging by the ingredients list I guess that means that it contains some natural stuff AMONGST OTHER THINGS(hint hint products that are actually all or nearly all natural will usually say on the packaging what percentage of it is natural ex. “80% Natural Ingredients”).

It claims to be moisturizing and to prevent razor bumps, let’s just say that the latter only checks out if used on legs. If it’s moisturizing then it wasn’t enough so for me because I always had to put on another moisturizer afterwards. That feels like a standard thing to do after shaving but still, if a product claims to be moisturizing it feels like you shouldn’t have to add on you know? It does the job shaving cream is meant to, it makes shaving easier & smoother. If you’re the type of person who always uses shaving cream then I must say that this is good for the price. 

But in conclusion; shaving cream is one of the things I’m no longer going to be purchasing. Alot of people recommend using regular conditioner for shaving but I think your best bet would be shaving with coconut oil because then you definately won’t need to moisturize afterward! And while I’m not on the total hype about using coconut oil for EVERYTHING I totally endorse it for shaving them legs!

xx cat