October 1st 2017

Hellooo! Here I am again, probably to say that I’m going to start posting more often but then I disappear for approx. 500 years. 

I updated my blog design a bit, you’d think that considering I was a virtual design major in high school I would be able to make it look better but I’m just tooooooooo lazy. One day. One day. 

I’m currently in L.A and I’ve been here for a week. Hopefully I’ll be staying here, I’m pretty much just trying to get a feel for it right now. I’m staying in Venice and so far I like the area, but I’m going to try to explore the other parts of the city too before I decide on where I want to live. 


Eyes from a couple days ago using:

⭐️glossier Light Stretch Concealer, 

⭐️elf cosmetics Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight,

⭐️nyx cosmetics Brunette Brow Mascara, 

⭐️tarte cosmetics Gifted Mascara, 

⭐️martha stewart silver crafts glitter stars,

⭐️starcrushed minerals glitter glue


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