Elf Nourishing Night Cream

Oh hey! I feel it to be VERY IMPORTANT that I start by pointing out that I did NOT paint my nails to match this jar on purpose. Subconsciously – perhaps, Idunno. 

I just finished this guy last night so Imma throw up a quick review. It retails for $12 but I got it at Ulta so odds are I recieved some kind of discount. Anyhow, the price is fair. I’ve never had any issues with Elf products and I think that they’re definately worth giving a shot since many of them end up performing highly but for a low price. PLUS it’s cruelty free & vegan which many drugstore brands aren’t (it’s pretty bizarre that in this day & age one still has to watch out for animal tested cosmetics😒). 

Some of the key ingredients are shea butter, jojoba, vitamin E & aloe. As per usual, I had no problems. It did what it was supposed to; hydrate my skin. It’s light weight and easily absorbed. I do however feel that I went through it pretty quick which is why I’ve purchased a different night cream to try next (it arrived today, how perfect is dat?). I can definately see myself going back to this if the new one doesn’t impress, but I wanted to try it out because it has hyaluronic acid(don’t ask me to pronounce that tho) and I don’t think I’ve tried that before. 

So overall; good buy, especially if you’re on a budget. Plus the packaging is simple & elegant. 10/10 tents. Au revoir


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