april favorites

I usually don’t aknowledge months changing in the year up until May, because when May comes around it’s basically kinda almost summer. Which whips me back into reality a bit. So here I am today, whipped and ready to share with you the things that I appreciated the existence of in the month of April. 

Björn Axén argan oil: I had been “saving” this until I’d used up the other hair oils I have but I decided to just say screw it and start using it anyway. It smells AMAZING. I would like to describe it as “classy” but I worry that other people might consider it more as “manly”. I honestly don’t know if I like these classy-manly scents because I want to smell like them or because I would like to sniff on somebody else who smells like them. If you’re a psychologist, please feel free to evaluate me on this. Anyway, I have the same scented hair conditioner but I’m almost out of it and it isn’t sold in the US so I would actually have to go to Sweden to buy it again. The oil will probably last me for a long time which is why it gets to be the honorable fave. 

Nyx brunette brow mascara: I’ve been really into more natural looking eyebrows lately, especially for full-face makeup. This gel gives a pretty good hold and a bit of tint while legit looking like I’m not wearing product on my brows. PLUS, it’s cheap. 

Josie Maran whipped argan oil intensive hand cream in Vanilla Apricot: Again with the argan oil. When I left San Francisco I apparently managed to gradually get rid of all of my 4 hand creams (minimalism done wrong, a novel by me). Upon realizing it, I decided that “it’s fine, I don’t need handcream ANYWAY” but oh, I do. I really do. So I sat my stubborn ass down and ordered this one when Josie Maran was having a 22% discount in honor of Earth Day. The tube is bigger than I expected(even though product amount is always displayed online I never fail to be surprised when I finally see things in real life) and it smells really pleasant. Monthly fave and monthly SAVE for my poor paws. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in Gigabryte: I only got it last week but I’ve been wanting to get a yellow nail polish for a while. This is my third color from this line and I like them because they are noticably less chip-prone than other polishes I’ve tried (serious pet peeve, I’d rather be without polish alltogether than have it CHIPPED). It made the list because I’m semi-obsessed with yellow and also it was $6 instead of the regular $9 at Walgreens. 

Glossier stretch concealer in Light:  another thing I’ve been striving towards lately is a more natural looking complexion even when wearing makeup. I’m not really a fan of heavy face coverage to start, but right now my skin is in one of it’s rebellious fazes (probably the worst one yet in the history of my face) which requires some effort. THIS CONCEALER THOUGH. It seriously looks like nothing IN A GOOD WAY. It’s great for diminishing redness on breakouts etc without looking like you’re desperately trying to conceal them. I blend it with my fingers because I’m a descendant of cavemen and it really looks like I’m not wearing concealer while still bettering the visibility of the spots.  

THAT’S ALL. Thanks for reading, xx 


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