Sephora Rewards: AMIKA

REWRITING THIS WHOLE POST because when I published it I got a message first saying that there was an error publishing and then a confirmation that “the post has been published”. Hint hint, wordpress, I’m not emotionally stable enough for this:))))

Anyway! I’ve been opting out of free samples for a while unless it’s something that I know I want to try/will use. During my last move I had to get rid of what felt like more stuff than ever before and a high quantity of it was free samples, gifts with purchase, purchases made for the sake of the gift, and so on and so forth. Even though FREE catches the attention of many, it’s pretty wasteful if it never gets used.

So when I placed a recent order at Sephora(more details on that later) I noticed that I had some rewards points saved up and decided to go for the Amika set!


4/5 of these products I have tried before and I have enjoyed all of them. I usually bring mini versions like this on travels and I think it’s nice to have something I know I like rather than digging my hand into a box of various samples and bringing a wild card with me on my trip, hoping for us to get along.


I have a full size of the Blowout spray (which I thought was a heat protectant???? that’s what I’ve been using it as??? I’ve had it for months why haven’t I read the bottle???? It says on it and on their site that it can be used on dry hair to re-style but it doesn’t specify heat protectant). I haven’t been heat styling my hair all that much lately but when I have, I’ve been using this to prep(weather I’m supposed to or not apparently lol).


I’ve gone through a can of the Dry Shampoo and it did what it should! No major complaints really. I’ve been trying to abstain from using spray versions for a while and use powder instead but I must admit that sprays are quicker, better and less messy. We’ll see how long I manage to be stubborn for.

I also have a full size of the Dry Conditioner. And lemme tell you, it changed my world. Sure, I’ve tried products before that are meant to tame and smooth your hair but this is the first one that has actually worked without making it feel like I have a shit-ton of product in my tresses! Having bleached hair it can get kinda dry but this spray makes it look and feel soft and clean.img_8728

The Hair Mask is an old friend aswell. I used to be a total hair mask junkie but lately I’ve started oiling my hair before I wash it and I feel that adding an in-shower hair mask to that would be a bit unnecessary. However it’s nice to have an emergency pack in hand for weeks when I won’t be able to go through the oil process.

The hair spray is the only product I’ve yet to try! I don’t use hairspray that often(probably thanks to overdosing on it as a teen, I’m pretty sure that when my body decays my lungs will stay intact thanks to an internal protective coating of hairspray). But I have yet again made the ever recurring mistake of cutting bangs, so on days when I’m living on the edge and heading out into the world without bringing bobby pins it will be nice to have this lil lifesaver in my bag.

Scent-wise, thay all have the same vanilla-esc smell(if you’ve ever tried Eva Nyc products they basically smell the same imo). However it can be a bit overwhelming so I would recommend spraying the aerosols outside or at least not in a cramped & closed bathroom.

Kind regards, Cassandra “embalmed lungs” Johansson


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