March 22nd 2017

HELLOO. It’s been exactly a month since my last post and even though nobody has asked I would like to confirm anyway that No, I have not died. BUT I do feel that I would like to regenerate my blog a bit. I do apologize if the changes don’t interest the followers I have gained this far but I haven’t been inspired to blog lately so I figured I would shift things and hopefully somehow find some kind of balance.

I have recently finished up my makeup artistry course which feels really great. I also THINK I have a new job which is super cool!

In the category of minimizing I have arranged two boxes in the corner of my room, one for donating and one for consignment. I’ve had pretty good luck with in-store consignment thus far and I find it pretty fulfilling so I’ve decided to make a habit of doing that once a week until I feel content with my wardrobe size. Luckily I have several stores in the area so I can circulate between them, and the items that nobody picks up end up in the donating box instead. Different stores are interested in different pieces so I’ve found that what one place rejects might get bought by the next. It’s kind of interesting! And I’ll have you know that I have –NOT– been lured in to buying things in the store while I’ve been selling. Although today was a close call because I found a really nice & stylish designer coat that was super comfortable BUT I admitted to myself that I would never wear it because I myself do not fit the aesthetic of “nice & stylish”. All week I’ve shamelessly been wearing adidas joggers that I’m pretty sure I bought from the children’s section.



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