Mini hibernation

I’m currently hanging out(slash hiding out?) at my dad’s house in texas. As I’ve mentioned before I have a shit-ton of stuff here, mainly clothes, that I need to get rid of. Ever since before I started looking into minimalism I’ve felt it to be burdensome to have so many things at my parents’ houses. Both for them and for me. I know my mom gladly and desperately will hang on to everything in hopes that I will move back home but it’s getting less and less joyous to get home to my parents and look through all of my things. I’m here until the beginning of january so fingers crossed that I keep my mood up enough to get rid of some more(I usually donate 1-2 shopping bags while I’m here).

In the meantime here’s a lil collage I made of some of the makeup looks I’ve done lately, I’m doing #100daysofmakeup so if you’re interested I would love for you to check it out! It’s @rosacassandra just like here. 



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