Over a month ago amidst my minimalism researching and book reading when I had made that big discard pile I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I ordered a “clean out bag” from an app called Thredup. I thought the concept was great. You recieve a sturdy plastic bag, you fill it with stuff you want to get rid of and you send it back to them. The things they don’t think are good enough are “recycled” and the things they choose to sell, you get a payout for. And see I was prepared for a small payout, but listen to this. I sent them a bag full of clothes and shoes, pretty heavy. It had several unworn stuff, some of it still had tags. Some of it was worn but nothing was in bad condition I thought. And I remind you, I was prepared for a small payout. But now, over a month later they email me back to gladly announce that my bag has been valued to less than $2. A DOLLAR AND A HALF. Lemme proceed to tell you what I learned from this. 

See I feel pretty “meh” about this now. Because for $1.45 I might as well have dumped the bag at my local Goodwill and been done with it several weeks ago, instead I’ve had it in the back of my mind this whole time. A couple weeks ago I sold a couple things on ebay, same meh-feel there. Great condition items, designer & trendy but still the payout was pretty lame. I thought it would be nice and motivating to at least get a little bit back for everything I’m getting rid of since all summed up I’ve spent lord knows how many hundreds of dollars on it all. 

But it just makes me see so much clearer now how worthless of a hobby it is. Mindless shopping. Now every time I look at clothes or shoes or bags or whatever in stores I’ll know that once I bring it home I’m never getting the money back. It’s basically poof vanished into the air. I’m looking around at all the stuff I have left (trust me there’s still alot) and I have a whole different view of it now. 

Even though all I’ve read on minimalism told me to get rid of everything right away and not bother with selling and such I still had to do it my ole stubborn way didn’t I? I read that selling and all that goes with it would just be energy and time-consuming and here I am, 2 months later and mentally exhausted. 

I have 2 work days left until my xmas vacation so hopefully soon I can get back on blogging and more importantly, getting my shit together. This fall has been so up and down and I feel like a need a hibernation but at the same time a spring cleaning of my whole life. Don’t know how much sense this post makes but basically what I’m trying to say is hang on a bit & I’ll be with you shortly. 



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