Soooo Black Friday happened. And I shopped. But let me explain. 

I bought mostly makeup “supplies” as I would like to call it. Like basic colored eyeshadows and liners that I felt were missing. And some pretty cheap false lashes since all of mine are falling apart and I’ve been meaning to get some for months now. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, makeup is my main hobby(the editorial kind) so even though I’m minimizing my belongings I’ll be treating my makeup collection a bit differently. I am definately better now at just buying more necessary stuff than jumping on every new hyped release. 

I also ordered new prescription glasses. Eyebuydirect had a BOGO deal so I got a regular pair AND prescription sunglasses(REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS. DRIVING AND BEING ABLE TO READ SIGNS?? SURREAL). 

The only actual excess-y thing I bought was a dress. I mean I definately don’t need more dresses and it cost almost $100 (original price was $230). But it was from macy’s so if I change my mind I can return it.

Even though I did end up buying a bunch I was honestly though really good at resisting LOADS of things so overall I think I did very well for my first Black Friday since trying to become minimalist. Like I said I mostly bought things I’ve been meaning to get for awhile anyway and I didn’t make any stressed purchases. 

As for the minimizing I’m still slowly but surely getting rid of stuff. I see more and more things everyday that I realize I can do without which is a nice and calming feeling. My actual closet is looking alot better but I still need to work on selling and donating the things I’ve taken out. Feel free to check out my depop & ebay, username is cassjo on both!



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