Pinning for minimalism

Now that I’m stuck in the pinterest swamp I’ve come to see that it’s actually pretty useful. All I’ve heard about it before is friends using it for Thanksgiving recipes or youtubers doing “pinterest makeup hacks”. And sure I’ve pinned a few interesting drink recipes and a diy hair growth serum but the most recent spiral I’m on is what I would like to call my little Virtual Wardrobe Builder. My theory about this is by pinning things that I want to have in my actual wardobe, stuff I would want to wear on a regular basis, I will be able to find my style. Because that’s an issue; I don’t really know my style. I have tons of clothes that I think are pretty but majority of it is stuff I don’t “dare” wear or just don’t feel fit the image I want to have. And as many other people, I end up wearing the same clothes all the time and not touching 80%. And most often I get dressed to leave the house and feel like I wouldn’t look at myself twice if I saw me on the street. These past couple weeks of gradual minimizing has made me step out of my rut a bit and I’m actually reaching for stuff I’ve neglected for a long time. Daily I tell myself “use it or lose it”. While this has improved me a tad, there’s still a bunch of stuff in my closet I need to accept that I will never wear. 

The point I’m trying to make is the inspiration part. Finding it in a more neutral environment. Because where have I always gone to look at clothes? Stores. Both physical and online. And I’m not the kind of person who just walks around in a clothes store to get inspired and then skips away empty handed. 

So by trying to pin together what I would like my closet to consist of it’s becoming clearer for me to see what I should get rid of. The things I don’t find inspiring. The things that don’t fit my style/the style I want. I’m sure my desired style is hiding in my closet somewhere, I just have to get rid of all the other things that are concealing and distracting me from it. 



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