In case you’ve noticed that I’ve been kind of idle here lately there are two reasons: 1. I have had trouble concentrating these past 2 weeks. Figured it might have something to do with the higher intake of candy I’ve had since I’ve been nervous & stressed so I’m cutting it out. The cutting out is easy, the feelings that follow are hard:)))))) 2. I HAVE PINTEREST NOW. I finally get why everyone jokes about people going on pinterest and emerging basically 3 years later because they got stuck pinning. I need to start limiting myself but goddammit there’s so much I want to pin and it feels so much better than screenshotting everything I like(which I’ve been doing with makeup inspo). 

I’m going to try and only head to pinterest when I actually am looking for inspo for something specific and not just to pass the time because this can get out of controoooooooool. Find me there if you’d like, it’s catsandras like here!



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