Unsubscription follow-up

As promised, I have unsubscribed from a bunch of newsletters. 25 to be exact. 25 online stores that weekly, some even daily, have been sending me emails encouraging me to buy things. And these 25 stores are ones that I either have never bought from, haven’t bought from in a long time or simply don’t want to purchase from any more in the future. I am still keeping a chosen few. And from now on as soon as I get an email from a company I don’t want to buy from I’m going to make myself unsubscribe right away to save myself the future trouble instead of just deleting the email to empty my current inbox. I am looking forward to not starting my day with deleting 30 emails. Emails that tell me I want things that I didn’t even know I wanted until I read them. I’m pretty sure that the day I realize I need a new sweater I will be capable of heading out there and finding one. I shouldn’t need several emails per day asking me DO YOU NEED A SWEATER??? NO? MAYBE? WELL YOU SHOULD BUY ONE TODAY JUST IN CASE BECAUSE TODAY ONLY YOU CAN GET ONE 15% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU SPEND $75 JUST LETTING YOU KNOW YEAH AND HERE ARE SOME PICS OF MODELS WEARING SOME PERFECTLY FITTING SWEATERS AND MAYBE IF YOU BUY THE SWEATER YOUR DREAM BODY WILL JUST ARRIVE ALONG WITH IT. 

Sounds dumb but it sure as hell has been working out for them hasn’t it? I swear over half of my wardrobe is stuff that I’ve bought because it’s pretty, even though it doesn’t look pretty on me & my body. That’s another psychological phenomenon I would love to figure out one day. 

I’m sure alot of minimalists out there want me to cut the crap and get to the actual discarding of my physical possessions but I want to start with making sure that I won’t just get rid of stuff yet still stick to the old habits. Discarding is pretty pointless if I start over again with the acquiring. I need to turn off the faucet before I pull the plug from the drain. 



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