Off track

I’m stuck in my decluttering. In all honesty, if I knew that as soon as I chose to get rid of something it would be out of my life for good, I would be able to get rid of tons. Like in The Sims where you can just drag an item to the “sell” bin and then you’re done. My current discarding bin is a suitcase. A suitcase that is smack dab on my bedroom floor. See, I’ve even made sure that I have to see it every single day in an attempt to make myself take charge and get rid of it all. But it’s not working. I’m not outsmarting my inner anxious, thing-clingy, lazy, regretful, guilt-ridden, back & forth hamster self. It’s crying in fetal position, clutching an unworn dress and pleading me to stop. 

I re-activated my Depop today. The suitcase is overflowing and before I decide on more to get rid of, I have to actually actively get rid of something. So before the weekend my plan is to have posted all the things I am going to sell on depop. I’ve never sold anything there before so I have no clue how quickly things sell but there’s no point in waiting any longer, right? All I’ve gotten rid of since I started this blog is a bag with some beauty/cosmetics products I gave to a friend, which was super easy. So I need to keep rolling. I’m tired of being all talk and no action. Hold me accountable for this, good night. 



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