EOS shave cream

Today’s post is going to be my first beauty review here! I intend to throw some up now and then. What you can expect from them is my honest opinion & also weather or not I will be repurchasing it especially now that I’m set on being a more mindful and downsized consumer 😊 hope you enjoy!

So this is the Eos shave cream, you might be familiar with the brand’s super popular round little lip balms. 

It costs $3.99 at Ulta so it’s basically the same price as the lip balm. What first attracted me to the brand was that it’s marketed as “natural” but judging by the ingredients list I guess that means that it contains some natural stuff AMONGST OTHER THINGS(hint hint products that are actually all or nearly all natural will usually say on the packaging what percentage of it is natural ex. “80% Natural Ingredients”).

It claims to be moisturizing and to prevent razor bumps, let’s just say that the latter only checks out if used on legs. If it’s moisturizing then it wasn’t enough so for me because I always had to put on another moisturizer afterwards. That feels like a standard thing to do after shaving but still, if a product claims to be moisturizing it feels like you shouldn’t have to add on you know? It does the job shaving cream is meant to, it makes shaving easier & smoother. If you’re the type of person who always uses shaving cream then I must say that this is good for the price. 

But in conclusion; shaving cream is one of the things I’m no longer going to be purchasing. Alot of people recommend using regular conditioner for shaving but I think your best bet would be shaving with coconut oil because then you definately won’t need to moisturize afterward! And while I’m not on the total hype about using coconut oil for EVERYTHING I totally endorse it for shaving them legs!

xx cat


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