Makeup lover+ minimalist?

It’s about time I introduce to you the only actual hobby I have: makeup. I even have a instagram account dedicated to just that. But let me explain before I lose you! My growing interest in makeup is actually a big factor to why I’m pushing myself towards minimalism. 

As I’ve gotten more and more involved in the makeup community on instagram & watch videos on youtube, I see how much of it has to do with consuming & excess. People showing you what they buy & encouraging you to buy it aswell & just overall making you feel like you want everything they have. They may do whatever they want and what makes them happy, I’m not here to tell them to stop. But that’s not the way I want to go about it. It doesn’t have to always be that way. What draws me to makeup is the creative and artistic part. Not the luxury and glam. Sure, I want to talk about products that I love and trust, but in a mindful way.  Just as with clothes, shoes & accessories, I have purchased quite alot of makeup these past couple of years that I don’t even use. Why? Well because of packaging, ads & hype. Alot of hype. A shit ton of hype. I don’t ever feel like buying a shirt that everyone else has. But a lipstick? Heck yeah. Do I even like wearing lipstick? Nope. 

So while this area may be extremely tricky to tackle, it’s very necessary. I don’t intend to stop buying makeup since it’s one of my main interests but I am set on finding balance. Thinking through my purchases more. Buying every single new blush that everybody raves about isn’t going to make me better at makeup. Just like with all other areas that I’m trying to minimize in, I have to take a step back and look at what I already have before buying anything else. 

Here are some of my new guidelines:

  • No more limited edition makeup (not like NEVER EVER but in general). How fun is a limited edition palette a couple months after it’s been sold out and everybody has moved on to the next thing? 
  • No more buying a product just because it has pretty packaging. If I don’t even use it, what the heck am I planning on doing with it? Use it as a paper weight? Hang it on a necklace? 
  • Just overall stop buying things I won’t use. I don’t even use blush so why in the world do I have 17 of them?
  • Imagine it on my face. Because that’s what it’s for. It’s no good if it looks pretty in the pan or swatched on my hand but I wouldn’t want to wear it on my face. 

Super long post but I had to get this out! It’s going to be a challenge and I might not be popular among other makeup lovers for saying these things but I don’t want that to stop me from doing what I enjoy. 

xx cat


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