18 pairs of shoes?

So just as I started to feel like at least I have my shoe situation under control I realized that what my shoes were actually standing on was……a box full of more shoes. That I’d totally forgotten I had after I put them there 5 months ago. And I can not see myself getting rid of ONE SINGLE PAIR even though that added like 6-7 pairs to what I already had to work with. Total setback. 

That’s why I need to remind myself of why I’m doing this:

  • One of the main reasons is travel. I want to be able to travel. I want to be able to leave if I want to. I don’t want to feel like my physical posessions are holding me back & keeping me stuck in a place I don’t want to be. 

How am i supposed to be the kind of person who can just pick up and take off when I have 18 pairs of shoes? And yes, 18 LEFT AFTER I’ve removed the once I want to get rid of. Do I use all of them? No. In general I use like 4 pairs. What am I keeping the rest for? Just because they’re pretty?

I need to ask myself which ones I can even picture myself wearing. In what situation would I ever put them on. Some of them are so high I have no clue when the heck they would ever be wearable. I have to admit that I’m not even a heels girl. I don’t feel comfortable in heels. If I have a choice, I don’t choose them. I’m capable enough of falling over in just flats, thank you✋🏻 

So in conclusion, I just need to get over it and get a grip. 

xx cat


3 thoughts on “18 pairs of shoes?

  1. TekfortheMasses

    I have a 4 pair rule. One pair of casual, one pair of smart casual, one pair of dressy shoes and one pair for the gym. Every pair gets worn throughout the month, so they all have purpose. Great post btw 😊


      1. TekfortheMasses

        I used to have about ten pairs of cheap shoes that would last maybe 6 months. Now I own four, and although they were far more expensive, they last better than any of those old ones.


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