Goal clothes

Was going to give it a shot and take out as much as possible from my wardrobe last night but seeing everything and thinking about how much money I’ve spent gave me total anxiety. Majority of the clothes are items I bought to wear when I “reach my goal weight” which tbh hasn’t changed much at all for the past 3ish years. 

I could make a rule that I shouldn’t buy clothes that don’t fit me right now but at the same time I don’t want to give up weight loss so I’ll start with forbidding myself to buy a single piece of clothing until I get below 60kg. As a start. As you probably know by now I have more than enough clothes to last me at the moment:))))))

Will retry tomorrow & try to take out everything that I think I could get money for(no matter how much, just something). I know I won’t get money for everything but I need to get into this somehow right?

xx cat


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